The Center for Relationship Health is looking for licensed therapists, (LMSW, LPC, LP, LMFT) to join our growing team in Royal Oak, MI. We offer billing, credentialing, paneling, marketing, family-style community of therapists referring back and fourth to one another and referrals to those who want to work in a beautiful office setting or remotely. Regular [...]

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Don’t try to get over your anger

Don’t try to get over your anger “Anyone can become angry —that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way —this is not easy.” – Aristotle Think about a pleasurable time and rely on your [...]

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How are we protecting our trans children?

How are we protecting our trans children? Over the past year, lawmakers in several states have introduced bills to ban transgender women and girls from participating in school sports. Nine states already have passed legislation, including Arkansas that also was the first state to ban gender-affirming medical treatment for trans [...]

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The Bridge

by Rabbi Friedman  The Guilford Press New York London ©1990. Reprinted with permission. There was a man who had given much thought to what he wanted from life. He had experienced many moods and trials. He had experimented with different ways of living, and he had his share of both success and failure. At last, [...]

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Does Masturbating Make You a Sex Addict? What About Porn? What About Bondage? Even the Experts Can’t Agree.

Others include Joe Kort, a sexologist and former sex-addiction therapist who has defected, and who wrote a blog in late 2015 renouncing the sex-addiction model. “I think it is... very harmful to gay and bisexual men,” Kort, who is gay, told The Daily Beast of the sex-addiction model. “It’s gotten a lot worse in the last five-to-seven years [...]

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You Belong to Me: The lasting trauma of male survivors of childhood sexual abuse

You Belong to Me: The lasting trauma of male survivors of childhood sexual abuse Watching the new documentary, "Leaving Neverland," about Wade Robson and James Safechuck revealing their childhood sexual abuse (CSA) at the hands of pop singer Michael Jackson is disturbing and sad. The men in the documentary are brave. One in six boys are [...]

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Monogamy: It’s Not What You Think

Monogamy: It's Not What You Think Couples often fight over contracts they've never made.” — Mary Klein, sex therapist One of the phrases we often hear in these chaotic times is “the new normal”—in other words, what was once considered an unquestioned standard has evolved into something we couldn’t have imagined [...]

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Watch me talk with Detroit Channel 4

Watch me talk with Detroit Channel 4 News about the building signage issues of landlord not letting me use "sexual health" for my business, "The Center for Relationship and Sexual Health"

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